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Some Great Reasons to Breed With Us!

When you breed with High Caliber Hickory you will automatically be eligible for these great incentives.  High Caliber Hickory is enrolled in the RSNC Futurity and the MNSCHA Futurity and Jr. Horse Incentive encouraging breeders to invest in the horse of their dreams.

MNSCHA Futurity and Jr. Horse Incentive

Three-year-old Futurity

 The enrollment fee will be paid back with 80% going to the horse’s owner and 20% going to the person who enrolled the horse. The MNSCHA futurity sorting will follow the same rules as the NSCHA futurity.

Jr. Horse Incentive

The incentive will be run with the Jr. Horse class. Any eligible horse that wins money during the show year in the Jr. Horse class at an MNSCHA show will receive a percentage of the enrollment fees collected from the previous year. Incentive money will be paid out on a percentage basis of winnings. Example if 10 eligible horses win $1,000 during the year in the Jr. Horse class and your horse won $200 of the $1,000 your horse won 20% of the money for the year. If there are 10 paid enrollments for the year at $200/enrollment for the incentive fund $2,000 will be paid out at the end of the year 80% to horse owners and 20% to nominators. $2,000 x 80% = $1,600 for horse owners. $2,000 x 20% = $400 for nominators. If your horse won 20% of the money in the JR. horse for the year as an owner you will receive a check for $320 and as a nominator you will receive a check for $80.

RSNC Futurity

High Caliber Hickory is nominated for the RSNC Futurity.