Bocks Oak Hill Quarter Horses

High Caliber Quarter Horses and Cutting Horses

What do I need to breed my horse?

For all mares coming to the farm we request a current health report, a current negative coggins, and a current vaccinations as well as a copy of your mares papers, a signed copy of our stallion service contract, and the booking fee required for all breeding customers.

What is the booking fee?

The booking fee is a non-refundable fee needed to secure your breeding.  It is subtracted from the breeding fee due later. 

How much is the booking fee and when is it due?

Our booking fee is $100 and is due before you breed.  Mares coming to the farm can bring it with the mare at the time of drop-off, for our shipped semen customers we prefer the contract and the booking fee at least a month before you will be needing the semen as well as an approximate date of shipment.

How much is the breeding fee and when is it due?

Our breeding fee for High Caliber Hickory is $750 minus the booking fee and is due before your mare leaves the farm or for shipped semen the week prior to breeding.  Any delay in payment could delay the mares breeding certificate, mare owner will be responsible for any late fees.

How will my horse be bred?

Currently all of our on-site breeding is live cover, however, should demand increase at some point semen maybe collected and inseminated, however mare owners will always be notified of this change.  For shipping customers we will send cooled shipped semen or frozen semen upon request. 

Will it cost extra to ship semen?

There is a shipped semen charge of an additional $250 for the first collection and should additional collections be needed you mare owner will be responsible for the cost which will be approximately $250-$300.  Any delay in payment could delay the mare breeding certificate; mare owner will be responsible for any late fees.

What will it cost for me to bring my mare to the farm?

We have a $6 a day charge for mares alone and mare with foals it is $8 a day. 

Are there any discounts?

Yes! We have multiple mare, proven mare, and early booking discounts if booking fee is recieved before the breeding season.  Contact us for details.

When is the breeding season?

We breed every other day starting February 1st until July 1st.

How do I contact you for a breeding?

You can e-mail us at  or call (320) 852-9808.  We can send you information upon request.

What do I have to do to get in on the Incentives?

Breeding to our stallion automatically qualifies you for the MCHA Futurity, the NSCHA Futurity, the MNSCHA Futurity/JR. Horse Incentive, and the High Caliber Incentives.  By checking the box at the bottom of your foal's registration certificate you can enroll them into the AQHA Incentive Fund.  This will cost an additional $100 at the time of registration.