Bocks Oak Hill Quarter Horses

High Caliber Quarter Horses and Cutting Horses

Bocks Oak Hill Quarter Horses

Featuring some of the best cutting bred horses in the state of Minnesota we have five mares and two stallions all out of producers, earners, or proven cow horses.  We have ridden and shown most of our breeding stock over the last ten years and know everything we can about each of them. 

We are here to help improve the breeding of working horses here in Minnesota and because we love horses, team penning, sorting, and cutting.  Feel free to contact us about anything horse related at any time.

Baby Pictures!


Check out the foals by High Caliber Hickory.  These little guys can really move.

I have listed all the foals on the for-sale page so check that out for more information.

Contact us at:

320/304/1725 or

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